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• Social Distress: King William’s war, 1689-1697 • The Candlemas Massacre, Feb. 1692 o The white and the native Americans were trading massacres back and forth, o An entire settlement was wiped out by the native Americans and so they had to scatter because they could not create a viable village by themselves o They were reguees, and people don’t typically act very nice towards refugees, they were in very bad positions which led to the communities around them wanting them gone o The Salem village got a family of refugees, the Hobbes Salem’s Witch Hunts • Sameul Parris had a servant/slave that was from the carribean, she was a woman of color (Tituba) • In the spring of the year, Parris’s daughters start to freak out, and it went on for weeks, and eventually neighbors started to say that maybe there was a witch or that someone bewitched the girls o They go to Tituba and asked if she did it, and she confessed to it, and said that there were other witches in Salem and then she decided to say no more o It does not a
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