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HIST 201
James Scow

The European Trials • The numbers and Dates o Between 1550-1720 there were many trials observed, about 100,000 Europeans were executed for the crime of witchcraft o They were accused of diabolism (the worship of the devil) and maleficium (doing evil deeds with your powers)  Mostly women were being accused  It wasn’t happening though, there was zero believable evidence that would lead anyone to believe that people were actually doing these things  They would torture the people they were accusing to get confessions out of people • Why? o The period of time o The Reformation  Martin Luther breaks up the church in 1517, and so for the next generation there were people freaking out about which church was right  Wars ensued  Paranoia (religious and war)  In this way they could believe that the witch was the ultimate trator (the perfect traitor) and the opposite of a good Christian in every way Salem Village, 1692 • The edge of the Atlantic (a highway that connects all of the other continent edges that ar
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