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HIST 201
James Scow

10/17/12 Crosby’s Stated Thesis • “European emigrants and their descendants are all over the place, which requires explanation.” (p. 2) • They live and grow Euro foods in zones with a similar climate to Europe o These regions have great agricultural production and are growing foods that are mostly from Europe. • The content of the book: the “portmanteau biota” (literal definition: things you can put together and carry; also what the biosphere of Europe was called) o Neo-Europes: North America, South America (Esp. Argentina), South Africa, and Australia o Eposed to diseases from Africa and Asia, o Exposed to lots of different weather o Suggesting Europe developes a biosphere that is really tough and tenacious, and it is exposed to the toughest challenges such as a large disease pool, other tough circumstances, and large amounts of trade routes Crosby’s thesis on disease and European expansion • “The evidence is that when isolation ceases, decimation begins; hence the reasonable belief of the Yanomamas that ‘white men cause illness; if the whites had never existed, disease would never have existed either.’ The isolation of the indigenes of the Americas and Australia from Old World germs prior t
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