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HIST 201
James Scow

10/10/12 Medieval Medicine: Good for what ails you? Review: Primary Sources • How reliable are our sources? o What do they and don’t they over?  Not much information on outcomes  Even when we do have a specific case, all we have for them is recommendations, but we don’t know if it worked or was followed  The occasional testimony – the old man with the cataracts  Nothing we could call statistical  Not many manuals from people who practiced, and if they did practice, we don’t have much information on it  No relationship between theory and practice o More than just readings, herbal medicine books o So much o what we have are training materials, but not so much case studies • What were the goals of medieval medicine? o Diagnosis/prognosis o Treatment/regimen • What sort of limits did the doctors face, and how did they cope with them? o Technology – they couldn’t look inside of you; instead they have to read the surface o Types of medications, and experimental science to test these medicines  Herbs, spic
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