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HIST 201
James Scow

10/8/12 The Efficacy of Surgery in the Middle Ages Background: Hernia and Cataract • Comparable: common; significantly threatening to quality of life (and, in the case of hernia, to life); no real pill-based treatment for either one • Cataract: clouding over of the lens of the eye • Hernia – see slide show Thesis: Surgeons in the Marketplace • Surgery joins the university medical world by 1300 or so o Some things cannot be treated with medicine o Some things are done physically to a person that cannot be fixed by medicine (war wounds) o It was in demand • “…struggling to create a niche for themselves as a group in the world of competitive health care-between physicians, on the one hand, who were acquiring professional status through their university training and certain other non-academic practitioners, on the other, whom the surgeons-to-be tried to rise above by labeling them “empirics”, but who would not always have been easy to distinguish from the new “surgeons” on the grounds of their ability or intelligence or technical skill.” • In the fourteenth century – surgeons wanted to be taken seriously • Compare: How different was this from physicians and apothecaries? How does it affect practice? o Competition between doctor
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