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HIST 201
James Scow

10/1/12 The Effectiveness of Medieval Diagnostics: Diagnoses of Leprosy Technical terms • Osteology/osteological • Lesion • Leprosarium • Primary and secondary infections Findings • People were buried where they had been living. If they had been segregated from the community (lepers); they would be buried in a separate cemeteries • Hanson’s disease (leprosy) – bacterial disease; slow moving; leaves damage on skeletons; what kills someone with this disease is secondary infections through the wounds. Damages nerves, eventually damages bones; Could not feel wounds because damaged nerves, and so infections set in, and then the bacteria starts to eat away at the bone; a gross disease; nerve and bone damage to the face; when it kills the nerves in the face it also kills the muscle control and they are unable to smile or frown; get secondary infections in mucus membranes where the bacteria likes to hang out; it is still a world health problem in tropical places; takes a full year on an anti-biotic cocktail to stop the disease; not a contagious disease; extremely slow moving and slow growing • Most people with signs of leprosy on their faces were segregated; but some people slip by (disease not shown on face) and ge
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