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HIST 201
James Scow

• Author wrote other (lost) treatises • Lieges (Belguim) – where he lived; near a university • We know it’s popular because it is translated into many different languages (English, French, Hebrew, Dutch) • At that time, they didn’t have any knowledge of contagious disease, and so they didn’t know how everyone would get sick at once o Theories of inhaling bad fumes; lepers or Jews poisoning wells o What most learning physicians came to conclusion was that the starts aligned in such a way that the air on earth changed and that is what was making everyone sick – they looked to astrology for why everyone was sick • Regimen and Prevention o “In cold or rainy weather you should light fires in your chamber and in foggy or windy weather you should inhale aromatics every morning before leaving home… Later, on going to bed, shut the windows and burn juniper branches, so that the smoke and scent fills the room.” o Smelling aromatics to get good air into lungs so bad air can’t get in, fog & wind = bad air o Juniper is in the pin family, primary taste in gin o Theory of bad air • Treatment and Cure o “But it should first be understood that there are three pr
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