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HIST 201
James Scow

9/11/13 But let us return, in the meantime, to the events which took place after the flight of the rebels before-mentioned. While the matters which have been mentioned above were going on here and there in the western parts, and the king was still in the said city of Exeter, Henry, earl of Richmond, being unaware of these disturbances, had set sail with certain ships, and arrived with his adherents from Brittany, at the mouth of Plymouth harbour, where he came to anchor, in order to ascertain the real state of affairs. On news being at last brought him of the events which had happened, the death of the duke of Buckingham, and the flight of his own supporters, he at once hoisted sail, and again put to sea. After these events, the king gradually lessened his army, and dismissing those who had been summoned from the northern borders to take part in the expedition, came to London, having triumphed over his enemies without fighting a battle, but at an expense not less than if the two armies had fought hand to hand. Thus was commenced the waste, in a short time, of those most ample treasures which king Edward supposed he should leave behind him for a quite different purpose. The distrubances last described were prolonged from the middle of October till nearly the end of November, at which time the king, as already stated, returned to London, in the first year of his reign, and in that of the Incarnation of our Lord, 1483. I shall pass by the pompous celebration of the feast of the Nativity, and come to Parliament, which began to sit about the twenty-second day of January. At this sitting, Parliament confirmed the title, by which the king had in the preceding summer, ascended the throne; and although that Lay Court found itself [at first] unable to give a definition of his rights, wh
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