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HIST 201
James Scow

9/9/13 (cont.) On the following day, the king proceeded with all his army towards the western parts of the kingdom, where all his enenmies had made a stand, with the exception of those who had come from Kent, and were at Guilford, awaiting the issue of events. Proceeding onwards, he arrived at the city of Exeter; upon which, being struck with extreme terror at his approach, Peter Courteney, bishop of Exeter, as well as Thomas, marquis of Dorset, and various other nobles of the adjacent country, who had taken part in the rebellion, repaired to the sea-side; and those among them who could find ships in readiness, embarked, and at length arrived at the wished- for shores of Britany. Others, for a time trusting to the fideltiy of friends, and concealing themselves in secret spots, afterwards betook themselves to the protection of holy places. One most noble knight of that city perished, Thomas Saint Leger by name, to save whose life very large sums of money were offered; but all in vain, for he underwent his sentence of captial punishment. While, amid these perplexities, king Richard was in the western parts, intent upon defeating the enemies and rebels, the venerable father Richard Croyland, who had now governed the place most religiously for seven years, changed the restless life of this world for eternal repose, on the tenth day of November in the year of our Lord, 1483, being the first year of the reign of the said king Richard. Nor ought we leave to oblivion the virtues and merits of this father, and his remarkable long- suffering, by means of which, as we trust, he has obtained the reward of eternal happiness. His natural disposition was far more inclined to the study and writing of books, than attending to the strifes and tempests of secular occupations; s
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