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HIST 201
James Scow

Croyland chronicles 9/2/13-9/18/13 The Third Continuation of the History of Croyland Abbey: July, 1483 - March, 1485 with Notes After these events, the said Richard, duke of Gloucester, having summoned Thomas, the cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, for the purpose, was on the sixth day of the month of July following, anointed and crowned king, at the conventual church of St. Peter at Westminster, and, on the same day, his queen, Anne, received the crown. From this day forward, as long as he lived, this man was styled King Richard, the Third of that name from the Conquest. Being now desirous with all speed, to show in the north, where in former years, he had chiefly resided, the high and kingly station which he had by these means acquired, he entered the royal city of London, and passing through Windsor, Oxford, and Coventry, at length arrived at York. Here, on a day appointed for repeating his coronation in the metropolitan church, he also presented his only son, Edward, whom, on the same day, he had elevated to the rank of Prince of Wales, with the insignia of the golden wand, and the wreath upon the head; while, at the same time, he gave most gorgeous and sumptuous feasts and banquets, for the purpose of gaining the affections of the people. Nor were treasures by any means then wanting, with which to satisfy the desires of his haughty mind; since he had taken possession of all those which the most glorious king Edward, his deceased brother, had, by dint of the greatest care and scrupulousness amassed, as already stated, many years before, and had entrusted to the disposal of his executors as a means whereby to carry out the dispositions of h
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