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HIST 201
James Scow

9/14/12 The Murder Suspects: Maurer’s Summary of the Evidence Revisiting the evidence against Richard III • Means and Opportunity: o He had them because he was the king; he had them last • Motive: o Why he would have done it:  Power  He isn’t a very stable person and there is a real trail of bodies behind him o Why he wouldn’t have done it  It would have undermined his support  They were still his nephews, he had been close to his brother for years  He reconciled with Elizabeth Woodville • Personality o What does the evidence about his personality suggest? Henry VII • Means and opportunity: o Yes, if they were still alive when he took the thrown; he would have the same means and opportunity as the previous king did • Motive o Yes, again if they were still alive when he took the thrown o He would not have let them take the thrown once he got them o He didn’t even know the
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