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HIST 201
James Scow

9/12/12 The Traditional Bad Guy Sequence of Events • Pledge of Loyalty (April 16) by Richard to the Edward V • “palace coup” – seizure of the king (April 30) and dismissal of some political insiders, primarily those who are on the side of Elizabeth Woodville; Elizabeth Woodville seeks sanctuary • Richard installed as Protector, coronation of Edward scheduled for late June – 10 May • Richard accuses Hastings and Stanley of treason, grabs younger nephew, postpones coronation, has Hastings killed without trial – by June 16 o Usually member of the government would have a trial • Buckingham and other beg Richard to take the throne – June 25 • Richard assumes throne; other dismissed insiders are killed without trial – June 26 o He’s more than willing to kill people to get them out of the way. He seems to be planning to do this from the beginning • Richard Crowned, July 6 • Richard goes on tour to gather support, July-Nov. 1483 o He starts the trip in the parts of England where he has the most support • September 1483: the rumor spreads of the princes’ deaths; Buckingham turns on Richard and raises rebellion • October 10 – the rebellion begins • Nov. 8 – the rebellion is defeated; Henry Tud
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