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HIST 201
James Scow

9/17/12 Did Anyone Do It? Wigram’s First Argument: The Boys Were Not Killed • Richard’s motivations: why would he kill them when that would ruin his PR and he has also gotten them declared bastards • The Tyrell family tradition – When the boys disappeared from the Tower, they went to live with the Tyrell family • Elizabeth Woodville’s flip-flopping • Problems? o Oral stories aren’t always accurate o Do we trust the stories of them when they “resurfaced” o It’s a lot of trouble to keep them alive Lambert Simnel • “Edward VI” in Ireland in 1487 – Ireland rebels against England, and they claim to have a more rightful king then Henry VII. They have crowned the leader Edward VI • Edward, Earl of Warwick (a different nephew) – They think they have Edward, Earl of Warwick, but Henry knows that they have this Edward in the Tower; none of the Irish records have survived, so we only have what the English are saying about this; • Edward, the elder prince – • Henry displays Warwick • Stoke, June 1487 – Henry goes to Ireland to defeat the rebellion • Pardon and royal employment of little Lambert (aged 10) – Henry brought him back to England and said that he was just a peas
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