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9/7/12 The Princes in the Tower Fifteenth-Century English Politics • Maintenance, or Bastard Feudalism – corruption of feudalism (land in exchange for military services) o Small, private, professional armies o Major nobles in England start to build up private militaries (mercenaries) that they keep with them all the time, they start to fight each other leading to turbulence • Family lines o Edward III – four sons that survived to adulthood and those kids had kids, etc.  Because all of the descendants had part of royal blood in the line, they all had potential to be on the throne (all depending on who died) • Henry VI (d.1471) o Abject failure as a king  Weak leader, can’t keep a lid on all the turbulence and people fighting each other, checked out (stopped responding to everything) o Lord protector (head counselor, called Richard Duke of York) – wants to step in as lord protector The First Wars of the Roses, 14549-1471 • Lancaster (the Queen) vs. York (Richard of York) o Henry’s wife (Margaret of Anjou, French)did not trust Richard, and wanted to keep Henry on the thrown for the
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