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HIST 201
James Scow

 Men do not spin, women do  Women continue to dominate the textile industry (esp. when it comes to spinning) o U-shaped model, marginalization of women’s work  Women are not paid as well for their work, and their participation of women working changes overtime  The earliest factory-like workshops were textile things, and so the amount of women in the workplace was very high; when men were losing more and more jobs in farming, then more and more men were joining the factory workforce, so it would essentially force the women out  Then more and more women start to join the workforce again (the second gain in the U-shape) o Opportunities in just one industry  While women aren’t involved in textiles, they are able to do some other kinds of work • Points of Disagreement o What constitutes labor?  Historians argue about what they are willing to count as labor o Income and Independence of women  Huge disagreement about whether or not industrialization helped increase income and independence for women  One argument is that whatever women earned still belonged to the
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