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HIST 201
James Scow

11/26/12 Primary Sources on Working Life: Grimm Brothers and Parliamentary Committees Michael Sadler (1780-1835) • Leeds, England (near ports) • Came from a family that built up and owned a factory system o Industrialist • Methodist-leaning o Methodist was a worker-oriented reform movement in the Christian faith o Most of Sadler’s class peers would have been Anglicans • “Christian Socialist” and refuter of Ricardo o Should not pay people more as they will have more children, then there will be more children raised in poor families • Poor Law Administrator and then MP (member of parliament) o Wanted to bring the concerns he had into the government • Committee and anti-child labor bill, 1832 o It was only in 1830 when he started to make his agitation in parliament o He started out trying to explain to the member of parliament that there is something wrong with how the system is being run at the time, so he brings in people to tell their testimonies o The testimonies led to the bill T/P/S • We could argue that this is a case of
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