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HIST 201
James Scow

• Powering the Workplace o Water  Running water (water loom) – have to be by a big river for running water, and most cities are by large rivers. This is why so many river bottoms are great for working o Steam  Boiling water, need water and a source to burn (usually coal) o Coal  Have to transport this in because it is usually in far away places, and it comes in by river  Eventually an easier way to move coal is railroads o Railways o The poor people are run out of farms, and are run out of textiles by factories, so they become factory workers to make a living Effects on Humanity • Effects for Bourgeouis (the city folks who are entrepreneurs who are interested in the factories and help build them up) o Wealth and Consumer Goods  Extraordinarily wealthy people, their behaviors changed • The goal of a woman was to show off her husbands wealth, whereas before, it was to help support the family and it was acceptable for them to work • Vacations – are a notion from this time period •
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