HPEX 357 Lecture 18: lecture 18Environmental Health and MI

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Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science
HPEX 357

• Protecting water supply o Showers, not baths o Fix leaky faucets in home o Install sink faucet aerators o Don’t pour toxic materials down drain • Chem pollution and hazardous waste******** o Asbestos ▪ Widely used for fire pretection and insulation in buildings until late 1960s ▪ Causes asbestosis, lung cancer, and other seirious lung diseases o Lead ▪ In pipes and paints (until banned in 1978) ▪ Causes neurological and other serious impairments • 57M homes have lead • CNS, mental impairment, hinder o2 transport in blood, digestion problems, ADHD ▪ Sources • Lead-based paint, soil, dust and water ▪ Effects • Body systems affected o Convulsions, coma, death o CNS functioning o Kidney and blood cell effects ▪ Steps reduce risk • Keepareas where children play dust free • Pesticides o Sources ▪ Products used to kill pests o Short term effects ▪ Hedaches, dizziness, nausea ▪ Musle twitchng ▪ Weakness and tingling sensations o Long term ▪ Liver damage ▪ Cns damage ▪ Increased risk of lung cancer ▪ Shorter pregnancies/smaller bbies o Used to prevent o Agricultural health study ▪ Works to understand how agricultural, lifestyle, and genetic factors affect the health of farming populations ▪ A prospective cohort study of licensed pesticide applicators in Iowa and North Carolina ▪ Recent findings • May increase person’s risk of developing parkinson’s disease • Endocrine disrupting chemicals o Mimic or block natural hormones ▪ Chemicals in plastics, cosmetics, flame-retardants, pesticides ▪ Often have low levels which may
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