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International Studies
INTL 105

-The United Nations - comes from a place that no other organization has come from - not the “crap, we messed up, let’s set up an organization” like all before - the UN is created almost before the war - June 1941—London declaration. Euro countries come together, consult each other, then send the doc to the US to describe discussions about what to do when the war is over. They use the words “united nations”, in order to prevent the kind of war they’re fighting to happen again August 1941—Atlantic Charter. Both US and UK agree to come together and decide to plan an organization after the war - Jan 1942—UN declaration. the thing that 26 countries sign to confirm they are going to have a united nations. - Teheran 1943- US, UK and USSR meet “the big three” acknowledgment of the UN. Say everyone else will follow suit Bretton Woods and Dumbarton Oaks - BW in NH (1944): countries come together to establish the economic structure of the UN. - propose the World Bank, the international monetary fund, and the international trade organization - the ITO fails - DO in DC, 1944: creates the formal structure of the UN. The countries are still fighting the war - they create the international court of justice. But it’s not a done deal - they create the bureaucracy, those who do the real work and run it - they create the UN general assembly: all states, one state, one vote - they cr
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