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Taurek and Parfit

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PHIL 201
James Scow

TarkNumberswhen you make decisions based on a higher number you might be basing it on something that is immorally irrelevant groundParkins Papermore difficult and refined paoer But hes going to call attention to certain things in the paperp940He asks should numbers count morally A drug can either save one person or five peopleWhat morally should you doThe obvious thing would be to save the 5But what if it turns out that that is not based on any good justification If doing this is actually behaving immorally His conclusion is that numbers shouldnt matter hereHe tackles this in different waysP941 first argumentI own the drug I can either save one or fiveBut the difference is that I know the one personThe five are strangersIf I am morally permitted to save davidthe oneThan there must not be a moral obligation to save the 5If I am permitted to act on my preferenceWhich is to save david than it must imply that there is no obligation to save the greater numberThe reason why this is true is because you cant override obligations with preferencesObligations are not that easily overridden only by greater obligationsThis is an indirect way of saying you dont hav
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