Sweetgrass and wavelength

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Photography and Film
PHTO 233

Sweetgrass-Documentary about cattle What do you feel while watching, long takes and how they affect you, settings, ect.  Long shots really let you focus on the action that is being repeated, or if no action that the animals that are in this state. For example, when they are just huddling together while the snow is falling, the long duration of that shot makes you feel for the animals in that the cold is unbearable. We are like experiencing this along with the animals. It doesn’t seem to focus on the people and their job, moreso what they animals are ebing put through  Thedocmentary does begin to focus more on the people as it pulls away from the animals. It becomes about the process of what they are doing, and every meticulous detail that goes into what they are doing, but it doesn’t give the whole picture. Where are they herding the cattle to? What does their campsite look like? Why do they need to herd them wherever they are herding them to.  Passive camera man but he wasn’t unbias, because he was focusing on the cruelty towards the animals, there are choices in the editing, specific scenes that are being displayed. It was very negative towards the farmers. Wavelength Notice your feelings and why things are changing and when they change what do they make you feel. Think about space and time. Pay attention to your experience while watching  Feels like a survelance camera. All red, camera positioned in the same location, just watching people. Then it flashes to what you can see through the foggy windows, and finally ten minutes it changes tones completely to a more whited out and the windows are now darker whereas before it was the opposite. All stil red tones.  Really hard to sit here and look at the same thing for ten minutes at a time. The whole thing is 40 minutes and throughout
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