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Photography and Film
PHTO 233

The straight story, by david lynch. 1999  Begins with a lot of long shots  Very stubborn, determined to get his way, get what he wants. For example with the grabber, the store clerk knows when Alvin wants something, hes going to get it. Which is why he is so upset when he wants one iof his nicer possessions. He raises the price.  He is set out to travel to Wisconsin to see his brother who just had a stroke-I think-and he is traveling on a lawnmower.  Kinda has a comical approach to this old man. Hes traveling on a lawn mower, at like 5 mph, and hes got so many medical problems. It opens with him fallen on the gound and no one is really helping him up. Why doesn’t he find someone to drive him? I guess he has no one.  Its kinda cute the people you meet and experiences you have on the road. This pregnant girl he meets who doesn’t wanna share much at all.  Someone else was watching his daughters kids and there was a fire, so services took her kids away from her even though she had nothing to do with it at all. Man that sucks, four kids and you cant raise them.  Alvin runs into some incredible luck when it rains he happens to find this barn and gets there in perfect time to wait out the rain.  He runs into a pack of bikers and is really amazed by them all, im not sure why. Then he finds them later down the road and hangs out at their campsite. Has
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