Francis Copola The Conversation

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Virginia Commonwealth University
Photography and Film
PHTO 233

Francis Coppola “The Conversation”  Opens with an arial view of the city. Zoning in on the mime and one other character  We find out that this man is spying on a couple with the help of a bunch of guys in a van  The main character has three locks on his door, someone put a wine bottle in his apt. but howd they get in? also what is he hiding? His life is so secret, to the woman he is “with” also. Why is he spyng on these characters?  Tries to sell the tapes for 15000 dollars but he wasn’t able to give them to the person he was selling to so he didn’t do it, because they must be so valuable. And the he bumps intp the girl he was spying on. Then he goes and analyzes the tapes more and finds out the man said to the woman, “hed kill us if he got the chance.” I don’t think he knows anything about the perople he just got a job to spy on them  Now he realizes hes assisting in this murder….maybe?  Harry, the main character recording the couples conversation. Hes really beaten up by the conversation. He doesn’t tell anyone but the girl whos all over him  Film is very slow moving. Harry finds blood in the hotel room the couple sid they would be in. but then he also finds the girl alove in the car outside the directors house.  The director was the one who died, the couple killed him. Now all the plans make sense. “do yu think we can do this” “later in the week” Sunday definitely”
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