10-23-13--Daughters of the Dust

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Photography and Film
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PHTO 233

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Topics also doable for the long paper: Psychoanalytic theory for hitchhock, genres- musicals, western. DUE WEDNESDAY NOV 6 10/23/13 Daughters of the dust  Begins with jungle like, intense music  There is tension on the boat in the beginning scene  Painted black hands? Does that represent something? What is the purpose?  Love note she receives is from someone from another tribe, I think? And she wants to be with him but she cant, fr some reason  Little girl was trying to tell her something but she didn’t turn around.  Their tree sculpture thing was destroyed by someone.  Granddaughter is not welcomed back. Was she the one who received the letter and then left the tribe?  The family is moving to another area, they are deciding if nana should stay or come  There is a girl who only some can see. The photographer sees her when he looks through his camera. But no one else does. I think she is the narrator In our class discussion we talked about how the actors had to learn this language for the film. While them speaking English makes the film less realistic, it is still very difficult to comprehend everything they say. The director intended it to be this way so that we as viewers could be engaged in the culture and environment
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