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Lecture 7

PSYC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Murder Of Kitty Genovese, Liviu Librescu, Social Influence

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PSYC 101

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Introduction to Psychology
Subject: Interpersonal Processes
Social Influence
1) We are hard-wired to synchronize with others
2) The presence of others can alter our behavior
3) We are not the same person in private as in public
Group Processes
1) Conformity: The process by which people change their attitudes or behavior to
accommodate the standards or behavior of peers or groups
2) What about obvious situations?
a) Asch’s line length experiment
b) Between 50-80% conformed at least once
c) About 25% never conformed; about 25% ALWAYS did
3) But why do we conform?
a) It is adaptive (sometimes)
4) But are the situations likely?
a) Conclusion: A group can influence actions of group members
5) Primary avenue for conformity in everyday life #1: Norms
a) Standards of behavior
b) Can be explicit or implicit
c) Some norms are long-standing others are created as society evolves
6) Primary avenue for conformity in everyday life #2: Roles
a) Position in a group that reflects shared expectations about how group members are to
behave in social situations
7) Relation between norms and roles
Extreme Conformity: Obedience
1) Obedience: Compliance to the orders of a person in authority
2) Critical issue: Why do humans obey orders that cause injury or death to others?
a) Personality or situation?
1) Milgram’s Obedience Study
a) A shocking experiment
b) Expert opinion
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