Lecture Notes February 27

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Religious Studies
RELS 302

Luke 19:28 End of travel Jesus goes to the temple and overturns the tables. Not cleansing the temple, he is condemning, pronouncing judgment on the temple. Can’t bring Roman coinage into the temple. Exchanging money. Problem is that they are crooks outside the temple but behave piously in the temple. Also, they are doing this in court of Genetics, where Gentiles were allowed to pray Luke 19:47-20:2 Who gave Jesus authority to condemn the temple? Asked by chief priests. Isaiah 5. Luke 20:9-19 Israel is the vineyard. Chapter 21. Foretells destruction of Jerusalem. It is not about signs of the world of the age. No signs of the end of the age, end of the world. Chapter 22 Why did Judas betray Jesus? Suggestion #1. Judas was trying to force Jesus to strike out as a messianic warrior. #2. Judas lost faith. Concluded that Jesus wasn’t the messiah. He told them he was going to die. Money wasn’t that big of a deal. Luke 22:39 Gethsemane (probably an olive grove). 22:47 Jesus experience 3 trials. 1 at home rd of high priest. 2 at the Council Sanhedrin. 3 . Before Pilate. He was accused of refusing to pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus is then sent to Herod. Barabbas is exactly what they have been falsely accusing Jesus of Being. Ben = Son of (Aramiac) Bar Abba = Son of the father Pilate had to give them legal authority to kill Jesus. The Patibulum (crossbeam) was the part of the cross that had to be carried. Golgotha = Skull. Cruc
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