SCMA 323 Lecture 1: Chapter 2 Courts and Jurisdiction

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Legal Business
Chapter 2: Courts and Jurisdiction
Major Court Systems in the United States
Federal court system
State court systems
State Courts
State courts resolve more than 95 percent of the lawsuits brought in this country
State Court Systems
o Limited-jurisdiction trial courts
Hear matters of specialized or limited nature
Evidence can be introduced and testimony can be given
Decisions can be appealed to a general jurisdiction court or an appellate court
Small Claims courts: Hear civil cases involving small dollar amounts
o General-jurisdiction trial courts
Hear cases that are not within the jurisdiction of limited-jurisdiction trial courts
Records and stored testimony and evidence in trials
Some states have division as to
Criminal cases
Civil cases
Decisions are appealable to an intermediate appellate court or the state
supreme court
o Intermediate Appellate Courts
Hear appeals from trial courts
Review trial court record to determine if:
Errors have occurred during trial that require reversal or modification of
No new testimony or evidence permitted
Deisios are appealale to the state’s highest ourt
o Highest State Court
Most states call it the state supreme court
Hears appeals from intermediate appellate state courts and certain trial courts
No new testimony or evidence is heard
Decisions of state supreme courts are final, unless a question of law is involved
Appealable to the US Supreme Court
Federal Court System
Special Federal Courts
o Limited jurisdiction
US Tax Courts
US Court of Federal Claims
US Court of International Trade
Us Bankruptcy Court
US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
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