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Virginia Commonwealth University
SOCY 101
Elizabeth Coston

Sex and Gender  Sex o Assigned at birth  Female  Male  Other/Intersex o Biological/Genetic o Primary Sex Characteristics o Secondary Sex Characteristics  Biological Essentialism o “Anatomy is Destiny” –Sigmund Freud  Gender o Gender Identity (Internal)  Female/Woman/Girl  Male/Man/Boy  Other Gender(s) o Gender Expression (External)  Feminine  Masculine  Other o Socially Constructed o Gender Socialization  Begins before birth  Reinforced by families and peer groups  Reinforced by social institutions  We have to learn gender o Gender Roles  “A set of social norms about the types of behaviors that are acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for people based on their sex”  What does it mean to be a man?  To be masculine?  What does it mean to be a woman?  To be feminine? o Gender as Performance  How do we “accomplish” gender? Gender Inequality  Social Underpinnings of Gender Inequality o Patriarchy o Sexism  Addressing Gender Inequality in the U.S. o Feminism  Liberal  Radical  Multicultural o Women’s Rights movement  First Wave  Second Wave  Third Wave  Gender and Work o Workplace Discrimination o The Feminization of Professions and “Pink Collar Jobs” o The Gender Wage Gap and the Motherhood Penalty o Glass Ceiling and Glass Escalator o Sexual Harassment  Gender in the Home o The Second Shift o Unpaid Labor o Emotional Labor Sexual Orientat
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