ECO 3123 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: George J. Borjas, Max Frisch, High School Dropouts

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Published on 14 Dec 2016
The Iigratio Narrative: Issues ad
Questios- George Borjas //
The traditional Economistic perspective:
o Immigration is like trade
o Importing good is like importing the people who made that good
o All osts ad eefits oe fo iigats’ production of goods
The traditional approach is not realistic. Immigrants are not widgets
Ma Fish o okes eteig Euope i the 9s ad s: Euope ated okes
ut got people istead
Economists must take the other effects of immigration into account
One question: which people decide to move?
Immigrants also have the choice of whether or not to assimilate
o There can be long-term consequences
Immigrants are also different from widgets in that their wear an ethnic label
Also noteworthy is the interaction between immigration and the welfare state
Paul Collie: Eodus: ho igatio is hagig the old
o Collier never worked on immigration so his book is a reaction
o Social scientists have tried hard to show migration is good
Ignoring the distinction between workers and people
Making assumptions
Hiding inconvenient findings
Impact of Open Borders
o It’s estiated that it ould iease gloal GDP  $. tillio
o 5.6 million people would have to move for that to be true though
o wages are equalized ithout the fitio of ioilit BUT odes ae’t the
only thing that creates an immobility friction (family, preferences, housing
search, cultural tastes and biases, financial and other constraints)
How fast do immigrant wages grow at a particular time?
o Immigrant ages ae ot athig up to aties’ ages as uikl sie the
The aatie sas that iigatio has ee helpful i the past
Abramitzsky, Boustan, Erikson
o There is little evidence that 1st generation immigrants did assimilate well using
wage markers
Mass migration bookends to US history
o During these periods of mass migration there is less incentive to invest in
assimilation (English language etc.) because live in a community of other
o Slower wage growth during these periods
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