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Lecture 21

CS 2114 Lecture 21: CS-2114 - Notes - Day 21 - Sorted Lists and Cybersecurity

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Computer Science
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CS 2114
M O Ellis

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Daniel T. Eisert CS-2114 Lecture 21 Sorted Lists & Cybersecurity April 04, 2018 (Week 11) Class Business GitHub workshop THIS week: Wednesday, April 4 or Thursday, April 5. CodeWorkout Homework coming soon. Start Reviewing for Test! NO Reading Quiz this week! Project V preliminary submission is due (including WebCat submission, updated UML, and Window screenshotbuttons dont have to work) will be due Monday, April 9; Project V final submission is due Thursday, April 26. Test II will be Wednesday, April 11. Project IV is due Monday, April 16 (less than two weeks away). Sorted Lists - Need to change for sorted list: different add(newEntry) , new remove(anEntry) , new getPosition(anEntry, gonereplace(position, newEntry). - Other methods remain the same. - Ensure add method are put in the proper order. - Using encapsulation/protecting it. - getPosition returns the position where anEntry would occur in the list, but as a negative integer. EXAMPLE: Linked Implementation of a Sorted List public class LinkedSortedList> implements SortedListInterface Implementation Using the ADT List: - An instance of a sorted list that contains a list of its entries. - Compositionthe list is a field in the sorted list. - An example of a Wrapper Class or an Adapter Design Patterncalls other methods and makes some minor alterations. Wrapper classes use competition where the sorted list has-a list inside it. - Or use inheritance where sorted list is-a list. Inherit methods from the parent class and override methods that dont keep the list sorted (i.e. remove and add). - Has a field of a list. EXAMPLE: See M, Week 11 PPT. Polymorphism Designing Base Classes: - Be generalized. - Has lots of helper methods. - ADT can inherit what is needed. - Create an abstract base. Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Goals: - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - Authenticity, Anonymity, Assurance Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks: attacker attempts to make a machine or network resource available to users oftentimes overloading a system with fake requests to prevent legitimate requests from being fulled. Degradation of Service: a form of DOS not intended to disrupt service, but rather to slow service (can appear as legitimate increased traffic flowflash crowd). - All DOS attacks can NOT be prevented. Cybersecurity 1 Daniel T. Eisert CS-2114 - Blacklist/Whitelist: access from blacklisted countries is prevented; access from whitelisted countries is always allowed. - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) software/devices that detect and attempt to stop t
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