HD 4324 Lecture 12: 12 Family Violence Lecture Outline

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Human Development
HD 4324
V Blanchard

Family Violence Lecture Notes Important Terminology  Adverse Childhood Experiences  Examples: alcohol abuse, abuse of any kind, neglect, witnessing domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness, parental discord, crime in the home  The key concept behind the design of the ACE study is that risk factors for health and social problems are not randomly distributed in the us population  Adverse childhood experiences are common  Aces tend to occur in clusters, rather than single experiences  The cumulative impact of multiple exposures can be captured in a “ACE score”  The ACE score likely captures the cumulative developmental …  Intimate Partner Violence  One of the most widespread family problems  One of the most preventable family problems  Relevant across gender. SES, and family structure, but specific populations are at higher risks  Affects the whole family and has intergenerational implications  Social Problem  Social construction  Gender-symmetry/asymmetry debate  Intimate Terrorism  Situational couple violence  Violent resistance  Mutual violent control  Status incompatibilities  Succumbing  Survival with impairment Adverse Childhood Experiences Examples Characteristics Effects Prevalence and health impact of violence against women Risk factors for victimization and perpetration:  Unemployment/low-income/financial stress,
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