HD 4324 Lecture 4: 4 Intersectionality Lecture Outline

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Human Development
HD 4324
V Blanchard

Intersectionality Lecture Outline Important Terminology  Intersectionality  Privilege  Multiple partner fertility  Social category  Steeling  Food security/insecurity  Concerted cultivation  Accomplishment of natural growth  Emerging sense of entitlement  Emerging sense of constraint Lecture Outline • What is intersectionality? o Assumption o Definition o Personal Example o Examples from Lareau reading o More assumptions • White Privilege • Myth of Meritocracy • Research Problems • Usefulness of Intersectionality In-class activity: Personal reflection 1. Has your life been affected by racism, sexism, classism, or religious discrimination? 2. Has your life been affected by individuals or groups of people discriminating between social classes in any other way, yes or no? If yes, what categories are relevant to you? 3. What is your race/ethnicity, sex, gender,
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