IS 2054 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Civic Nationalism, Populism

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15 Oct 2016
Philippines president calls Obama’s mother a whore because
Not on a death watch, king of Thailand dead
Thailand: parliamentary democracy like UK
Constitutional monarchy in UK but not Thailand
1946 took in office
he had power
Thailand was never a colony
Indonesia was a dutch colony
His son will become king
Thailand has been in chaos for 5 years
Thailand will be in a dictatorship now
Ku took over and declared himself president
Last 48 hrs, Russia sent a message to all diplomats that said that you and your
families need to go back to Russia now.
India/Pakistan: Kashmir has been contested since 1947. Gorilla war. Both are
nuclear power
Half billion to billion casualties
Might not cause WWIII because they have allies
South asia is the popiulous and oldest, so independent
Russia wants trump to win
WWIII possibilities:
US and Russia hate each other. Theyre flying planes over Syria
South China Sea
find more resources at
find more resources at
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