PSYC 2984 Lecture 1: Social Psych Exam Review

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Published on 15 Dec 2015
Exam Review 09/24/2015
Results and Implications
The group who recited the 10 books scored higher than the control group
and the commandment group. The commandment group had the same
score as the control group. These results give rise to the implication that a
moral reminder will reduce cheating.
What are the main di#erences between psychology and a hard science like
Results are open to interpretation
Which of the Big Five is the most predictive of workplace performance?
A. Openness to Experience
B. Conscientiousness
C. Extroversion
D. Agreeableness
E. Neuroticism
List two of the three ways theorists tend to describe personality
List two reasons discussed in class for why psychologists are interested
in the study of personality
Predicts Future Behavior
Explain Why People Do Things
Predictably Irrational
the context of our character part I three
di#erent experiments were described.
a) In the 3rst experiment, participants were asked to
complete a set of questions. In the 3rst condition
participants 3lled in the questionnaire and turned their
answers in to a proctor and were paid according to the
number of correct answers. In condition two, participants
transferred their answers to a bubble sheet that already
had the answers highlighted. Again they were paid by the
proctor according to the number of correct answers on the
bubble sheet. (2 more conditions…) What were the results
and implications of this experiment?
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