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Lecture 1

PSYC 3014 Lecture 1: Chapter 3 Part 4 and Chapter 4 Part 1

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PSYC 3014
R T Jones

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Chapter 3 Day 3 //// Chapter 4 Day 1
Images of brain structure
CAT scan
o X-rays of brain
o Pictures in slices
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
o Strong magnetic field
o Improved resolution
Utility: locating tumors, injuries, structural or anatomical abnormalities
Images of brain functioning
Injection of radioactive isotopes
React with brain oxygen, blood, and glucose
Reveal metabolic deficiencies
Advantages and limitations
o Yield detailed info
o Expense - bruh you need that insurance
o Lack adequate norms - best known psychological scale/inventory (MMPI)
o Limited clinical utility
Psychological Assessmet
Psychophysiological assessment
o Emotional or psychological events reflected by changes in the nervous system (sympath-
o Brain wave activity
o Evoked potentials or event related potentials (ERP)
o Alpha waves (relaxation) and delta waves (relaxation during sleep and brain dysfunction
during wakefulness)
Ex. Nocturnal panic attacks
Possible exam questions *******************
All of the following statements are true about the MMPI except,
A. There is little room for interpretation - FALSE, tons of room for interpretation, determine the K,L,
clinical scales
B. The test is tedious and time consuming - TRUE
C. There is a version for adolescents - TRUE
D. Individual responses are examined to determine a diagnostic pattern - THIS IS TRUE, IT IS NOT THE
When Abernathy went to a psychologist for the first time, the clinician asked him what the date was,
what the time was, what year was it, and where they were. Which category of a Mental Status Exam
do these questions cover?
A. Thought processes
B. Appearance and behavior
C. Sensorium - Correct!
D. Intellectual functioning
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