PSYC 4364 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: School Bus, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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19 May 2018
School-based studies of children following disasters
We know much less about kids and trauma than we do adults (mild diff in
expression of ptsd b/tw kids and adults, exp = communication, kids often reenact
the situation/play out what happened or what they did)
The impetus for the study of ptsd among kids
Evolution of PTSD
Railway Spine: 1850s (adult trauma is called this)
People thought you dev ptsd if you were in a train wreck
Dickens was in train wreck, not physically injured but was
affected deeply by the trauma, died 3 years after
Defining Event:
Chowchilla, 1976
School bus kidnapping (26 kids, 5-14 yrs)
Entombed for 27 hours
Woman named Terr, psychiatrist at columbia took taxi all
the way to ca to interview these kids
Interviewed kids again 35 years later “the memories never
Many had gone to prison or substance abuse
issues. Ptsd had been maintained all throughout
Main factors that maintain PTSD = triggers
First child diagnosis of ptsd in 1987
Children are understudied in disaster research (priorities, access/logistics)
Adults often under estimate impact of disaster on kids b/c don’t understand
trauma and the fact that kids do understand what happened and are forever
Annette Lagreca involved w/ school based studies of kids after a disaster****
Parents don’t realize kids are suffering from ptsd/struggling after trauma
School based research provides excellent opportunity to gain access to large
numbers of children and adolescents****** school = best setting for child
research after natural/tech disasters
Major problem is emphasis of 3 R’s
(teachers only want to focus on reading/writing/arithmetic and
don’t have time for researchers to study kids in school)
Once kids remember one trauma, it brings up memories of other traumatic
events/stressors that they at first didn’t remember. Talking about one
trauma/experience may bring up that memory
Pynoos : social contract
b/tw kids and their parents; parents should always be there for their kids
(protect them)
If that doesn’t happen, the kids’ behavior/thinking becomes disregulated
and has very serious/long consequences
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