PSYC 4364 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Terror Management Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Classical Conditioning

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19 May 2018
Quiz in Class:
Identify types of coping depicted by students/parents/staff:
Select 2 models to describe students/parents/staff present or future functioning:
List of Models:
Diathesis Stress
Gene Environment
World View
Resource Loss Theory (Hobfoll)
Classical Conditioning
Social Cognitive Theory
Post Traumatic Growth
Terror Management Theory
Lobbyist friend of Jones, lobbied Congress for $$ and helps thousands of kids
Success comes from “I never quit when I fail”
Conservation of Resource Model (Hobfoll)
4 Types of Resource Loss : COPE
Object resources
Transportation, shelter
Material good, toys (big deal for kids!)
Support system, employment, marriage
Who does better after trauma (married vs single)? married
Personal characteristics
Job and social skills
Mastery, self-esteem (aka self efficacy in social cog theory)
Credit, $$, knowledge, motivation
Condition is most important (due to support system)
Individuals strive to obtain, retain, foster, and protect what they value
Directed to cultivate resources even when stress is not occurring
Exp: education, financial resources
How can I make a diff in other’s lives?
When threat of resource loss or actual loss occurs (sometimes threat of loss can
be more damaging than actual loss, [generalized anxiety]), people mobilize
resources to
A. offset
B. limit
C. reverse impending or actualized loss
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