CRM_J 420 Lecture 15: Crm J 420 Final Exam Study Guide

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Criminal Justice
CRM_J 420
C Hemmens

Crm J 420 Final Exam Study Guide 1. Plain view doctrine- items that are within sight of an officer who is legally in the place from which the view is made, may properly be seized without a warrant (4 amendment is not applicable). 2. Hot pursuit- if someone is in a hot pursuit and the police end up seeing something that is illegal in someone’s house (ex. Meth lab), the police are able to stop and arrest that person too. Police are able to go wherever the person goes that they are in hot pursuit with. 3. Inadvertence rule- the officer must have no prior knowledge that the evidence was present in place; discovery must be purely accidental (no longer a plain view requirement). 4. Plain smell, hearing, and feel- the item has to be plainly visible to the officer. Ex. Sees marijuana on the desk, can seize it. Smells marijuana, cannot be seized in the course of a search and is unjustifiable. If probable cause and presence of exigent circumstances, can seize validly without warrant. 5. Immediately recognizable requirements- recognition of the items in plain view must be immediate and not the result of further prying or examination. Items must be out in the open and it must be “immediately apparent” that they are sizeable. 6. Reasonable expectation of privacy 7. Mechanical aids and plain view 8. Photo identification 9. Lineup 10. Showup 11. Custodial Interrogation 12. Custody 13. Interrogation 14. Public Safety Exception 15. Focus of investigation test 16. Clar
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