CRM_J 420 Lecture 6: Week 6 Crm J 420 Tuesday

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Criminal Justice
CRM_J 420
C Hemmens

2/14/2017 Stop and Frisk - Terry vs. Ohio (1969) o Where stop and frisk came from. - Reasonable Suspicion o (Something less than probable cause but more than mere suspicion). - Investigative Detention o Seizure that is limited in purpose to investigate. Basis for Stop - Personal Observation o Anything that a police officer sees that is a suspicious activity. - Informant Information o When the officer doesn’t personal observe something but an informant does. ▪ The officer has to look at the totality of the circumstances in regards to the informant (basis of knowledge, if the informant is a criminal etc. - Anonymous Tip, with Corroboration. o An anonymous tip alone= no reasonable suspicion. o The police have to corroborate the information. They have to collect additional information in order to act on the tip. - BOLO - Drug Courier Profile o A profile about what a typical drug courier looks like. ▪ What they tend to wear, drive, etc. ▪ May be used to develop reasonable suspicion. ▪ What is one thing that can never be used for this profile: race, ethnicity. • This violates the 14 amendment. ▪ Creates the level of suspicion so that they are able to take action. Duration of Stop - 90 minutes to search luggage. o The court said that this is too long to search someone’s luggage. o U.S. vs. Place (1983). - Removal from public to private area o Not okay because the public to private place changes the encounter. Then it becomes more like an arrest. o Florida vs. Royer (1983) - 27 hours for drug courier. o This is okay because under the circumstances, this was the amount of time that
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