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Lecture 32

PHIL 103 Lecture 32: Full Notes on Ricoeur

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PHIL 103
R Vaughan

Ricoeur (1913-2005) ❖ Virtue, deontological, and consequential ethics • Do we have a duty to remember? o Memory as… ▪ Knowledge-particular parts or images of past things • Ex: what a childhood home looked like, math theorem… ▪ Action- questions about doing things with these parts • Pathological-Therapeutic (category of memory) o Individual- not yet ethical o Mourning and melancholia ▪ Mourning- reconcile myself with the loss of a love object ▪ Melancholia- act as if the love object is not lost • Repeating and Working through o Repeating is a failure to remember ▪ Ex: going back to abuse o Working through is a successful remembering that often stops repetition ▪ Ex: understanding the abuse and never returning to it • Pragmatic (structures of memory) o Individual’s place in a collective ▪ Individuals within a group context o Structures of Identity ▪ Idem- remaining the same despite change • Ex: you may not be a baby, but you are still the same person ▪ Ipse- respond to change despite the sameness of character o Other as a challenge to identity ▪ Remembering moments of conflict (difficult moments) more than others ▪ Given the opportunity to change identity on the basis of interact
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