PSYCH 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Attachment In Adults, Physical Attractiveness, Ambivalence

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16 May 2017
Happiness: Hedonic Treadmill
- Adaptation: People get used to things
- Adjustment to bad events is slower and less complete than adjustment to good ones.
Causes of Happiness
- People think objective factors cause happiness
- But objective predictors are weak
o Things that don’t matter: health, money, home, marriage, kids, etc.
- Things that matter:
o Only strong predictor is social network
o Weaker relationship with religion and, among the poor, money.
o Parenthood paradox: having children reduces happiness
- Income has risen substantially in 50 years, but no change in happiness.
- Subjective perceptions are more important: satisfaction with income, etc.
o Not what your income is, but how you feel about it
o Happiness depends in part comparisons with others
o Personality, subjective style matter.
Happiness is remarkably stable over long periods of time.
Grumpy people will generally be unhappy.
What causes attraction?
- Physical Attractiveness
o Teachers, judges
- Similarity
o One of the largest predictors of attractiveness is similarity.
o Friends and romantic partners tend to be similar in beliefs and other
A study of romantic couples found that couples were more similar on 66
of 88 different traits than people paired at random.
Oh no characteristic were romantic couples more dissimilar than
random pairs.
o What causes attraction?
Physical attractiveness
Propinquity (physical proximity)
o The propinquity effect: the more we see and interact with people, the more likely
theya re to become our friends.
- Mere exposure effect- the more exposure we have to a stimulus, the more we tend to like
o Commonly occurring letters
o We prefer mirror images; our friends prefer true images.
Triangle Theory of Love
- Describes relationships of all types.
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