ANT 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ethnography, Linguistic Anthropology, Medical Anthropology

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Natalie Dodd
Anthropology 2100: Day One Notes – Part Two: Culture and the Fields of
Culture- what is it?
oCulture can be described as the learned behaviors, notions, traditions,
ideas, and norms that members of societies acquire and exchange
oCulture is dynamic and evolves over time
oCulture includes material artifacts, structures, and is both symbolic,
meaningful, and concrete.
oCulture explains why different human groups do things differently
oThe interaction between biology and culture is important
Culture and Cultural Artifacts
oMany concepts in societies that we take for granted are products of
oBodies are cultural artifacts
oHumans are biocultural organisms, meaning we are comprised of
biological and cultural elements
oBiology and culture are interwoven – human biology facilitates
culture, and culture makes biological survival a possibility
What is so holistic about anthropology?
oAnthropology is cross-disciplinary, or holistic in nature
Biological Anthropology
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