BIO 1030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cellular Respiration, Metabolic Pathway, Chlorophyll

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BIO 1030 Lecture 11
ATP releases energy quickly
Amount of energy released is usually just enough for biological purpose
Breakdown can be easily coupled to an energy-requiring reaction
Coupled reactions
o Energy-releasing reaction can drive an energy-requiring reaction
o ATP breakdown provides the energy for muscle movement
The flow of energy
o Activites of chloroplasts and mitochondria enable energy to flow from the sun
through all living things
o Photosynthesis
Solar energy used to convert water and CO_2 into carbohydrate
Food for plants and other organisms
o Cellular respiration
Carbohydrates broken down and energy used to build ATP
o Useful energy is lost with each transformation
o Living things dependent in constant in/out of solar energy
Light is a form of radiation
Plants are green because of the chlorophyll present in the plant
Humans are also involved in the cycling of molecules between plants and animals in the
flow of energy from the sun
o Inhale oxygen, eat plants and animals
o Energy rich foods allow us to produce the ATP required to maintains our bodies
and carry on activities
Metabolic pathway
o Series of linked reactions
Product of a previous reaction becomes the reactant of the next reaction
Protein molecules that function as organic catalyst speeds up
o Act on substrates
o May facilitate breakdown or synthesis reactions
Active site
o the site where the substrate binds to the enzyme
o accommodates substrate
o like a lock and key
specific to one substrate
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