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Lecture 1

SMGT 112 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Association Football

Sport Management
Course Code
SMGT 112

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Lecture Notes- 8/24/16
Sport vs. Sports
Sport- Includes everything to do with sports (Events, management, merchandise, etc..)
Sports- Sports as individuals (Volleyball, softball, basketball, etc..)
Types of Sports
As a manager you must be able to understand all the rules and regulations of all sports
you are in control of.
oBoth the traditional sports (baseball and basketball) and new/upcoming sports
(skateboarding and bike racing)
Settings of Sporting Activities
Single (football), Multi (Olympics), and College Sports
Events and meetings
Sport Sponsors
Professional Services
Manufactures and Retailers
Models of Sport Industry Segments
Product (Merchandise)
Economic (How the money is spent)
Activity (Game or event)
Critical Thinking
One of the most important skills to have
Awareness of set of interrelated critical questions
Ability to ask and answer critical questions at appropriate times
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