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Lecture 2

SMGT 112 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pseudoscience

Sport Management
Course Code
SMGT 112

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Lecture Notes- 9/7/16
Intro to Sport Management
*Always ask the relevant questions
-You can get the right answers to the wrong questions but it won’t help you in the long
*Research is the only way to stay current
-Trial and Error doesn’t always work
-Research helps you know why something went right/wrong
*Academic Research
-Helps the sport industry
-Conducted in an academic setting
-Sets foundation for commercial research
*Commercial Research
-Helps enhance the industry
*Ways of knowing something is good research
-Tenacity-may take time
*Science vs. Pseudoscience
-Science- making something fact, social science
-Pseudoscience- techniques not based on systematic research, no proof
*Basic Research
-Advancing knowledge
-Validates idea- Fact or not
*Applied Research
-Answers practical research questions
-Human resource performance, Feasible studies
-Can you do something you’ve already done before
*Quantitative Data
-surveys, data/content analysis, interviews
*Qualitative Data
-NO numbers
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