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Lecture 3

SMGT 112 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Functional Skills Qualification, Work Ethic, Organizational Culture

Sport Management
Course Code
SMGT 112

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Lecture Notes- 8/29/16
Intro To Sport Management
Professional Prep
-Gen Eds (Specifically writing and communication skills)
-Major Course
-Field Experience
*Why Gen-Eds?
-Things can be carried over into any field
-Help develop critical thinking skills
*Major Courses (COSMA)
-COSMA- Community of Sport Management Accreditation
-Sociocultural dimensions in sport
-Field Experience
*Field Experience
-400 hours of hands-on experience minimum
Professional Attitude
-Professional Image
-Work Transition
-Organizational Culture
-Work Ethic
-Teamwork Skills
*Professional Image
-How people view you physically
-First impressions count
-Posture, grooming, attire/accessories
*Work Transition
-How you enter an organization
-Approach with a good or a bad behavior?
-Learn the organizational culture
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