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Lecture 3

SOC 111 Lecture 3: Lecture Notes- 9-1-16

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SOC 111

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Lecture Notes- 9/1/16
Sociology 111
*Everything that you do comes from being socialized
-you were born into you sex-nature
-you were socialized into your gender-nurture
Types of Socialization
1. Primary
a. How to behave
b. We are shown not taught
*Both happen without our knowledge
2. Secondary
a. Happens on purpose
b. Doing something because somebody told you not to
3. Anticipatory
4. Developmental
a. Occurs your entire life
5. Reverse
a. The young teach the old
6. Re-Socialization
a. Unlearning old norms and learning new ones
*Total Institution- People are isolated and controlled (Ex. Military and Prison)
*Nobody accepts society’s norms/values /beliefs as their own 100%
*Everybody belongs to a deviant group
*Socialization is how your personality is formed
-molded towards certain norms
*People are socialized based on birth order
3 major Phases
1. Primary
a. Between family and other intimate groups
2. Adult
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