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Lecture 1

WOMS 287 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: The Second Sex, Androcentrism, Simone De Beauvoir

Womens Studies
Course Code
WOMS 287

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Lecture Notes- 8/24/16
Gender Neutral vs. Gender Specific Terms
Gender Neutral- words used to eliminate gender bias.
oCame about in the 80's
oEx. Mail Carrier and Fire Fighter
Gender Specific- words used to specify a particular gender
oEx. Mailman and Fireman
A society that is male centered
Women only taking on supporting roles
We are still this way today in the 21st century ( Only 20% of Congress is made up of
The Second Sex (1949)
Written by French author Simone de Beauvoir
When it was originally published in France not many people read it but once it was
translated and published in English it flew off the shelves.
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