COMM 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, Small Talk

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8 Feb 2017
January 18 Notes:
Why study communication? (Test question)
Bloo’s Taoo differet levels of thikig
What is communication?
Communication is a collaborative process of using messages to create and participate in
social reality.
Communication fields:
Mass communication
Training and consulting
Human relations and management
Interpersonal communication: communication with or between persons; occurs between
people who approach one another as individuals in a relationship whether it is
personal/intimate relationship. Most interpersonal communication scholars focus on our
closest relationships, such as those between friends, family, and romantic partners.
Small Group Communication: communication among the members of a small group of people
working together to achieve a common goal or purpose.
Intrapersonal Communication: communication that happens internally
Communication with others is dependent on individual perceptions, and those
perceptions developed with the communication that happens within the individuals
Mass communication: messages transmitted by electronic & print media to large audiences
that are distant and undifferentiated
Public communication: refers to situations in which a person delivers a message to an audience
Chapter 1 Notes:
Benefits to communicating
o It promotes health: less heart disease
o People can have fewer mental health problems
o Better physical and mental well-being
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find more resources at
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