COMM 110 Lecture 3: Notes for class - Jan 25th

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8 Feb 2017
January 25th, 2017 Notes
Transactional Model
o Captures the dynamism of human communication
o Portrays communication as changing over time
o Contexts
Communicator A
Communicator B
Field of Experience
Symbolic interactions
Shared field of experience
Time and noise
Focus Questions:
o What are benefits of studying communication?
Personal/social: helps you get ideas across to others, in
relationships and less intimidated by public speaking
Professional: helps with interviews, presentations, in your
Civically: speaking up about the community and being involved
with your community
Real Life Examples
o Community service team conflict
How can it be managed?
o Long distance relationships
many challenges
interpersonal communication
o Intercultural Communication
Exciting opportunity
o Information Overload
Cellphones, computers, iPods
o Encouraging change without criticizing
find more resources at
find more resources at
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